Mbale City Clinics On Spot For Dumping Clinical Waste On Roads

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Mbale city private clinics have been spotted dumping their clinical wastes on roads.


In a meeting held on Tuesday 31st Aug with Mbale City Health Officer, Dr. Mugenyi Moses raised a complaint on the private clinics dumping their wastes everywhere in town.


He added that several times, some clinics are spotted dumping their wastes on roads and others bribe the security staff of Mbale regional referral hospital which has also increased the hospital payment of rubbish collection.


He also says that last month alone, their rubbish bill at the regional referral hospital shot up to Shs17millon which has given them hard time to hunt for funds and pay the rubbish collectors.


Dominic Waburoko, who is the director of St’ Martin’s clinic and at the same time the head of private clinic operators in Mbale city accepted the blame and promised to talk to his colleagues to improve on the situation.


Waburoko revealed that Mbale city has given them land at the city mortuary and they are mobilizing for funds to construct the incinerator where they will be dumping their clinical wastes.

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