BEWARE! Police Reveal How Thugs Are Terrorizing Soroti City Residents

By John Ogulei




The Police in Soroti has revealed the different manner in which the rising number of thugs in the City go about their business.


Speaking to this website this morning, 10th September, 2021, the East Kyoga Police Spokesperson, Oscar Gregg Agecca revealed that the suspected criminals are operating in and around banking facilities, mobile money facilities and are targeting motorcycles.


He says that, the offending criminals have evolved various ways of inconveniencing the citizenry including but not limited to exchanging Fake dollars targeting customers in and around banking facilities while pretending not to know the value in the pretext of being a villager, or asking for the procedure for dollar exchange.


He also adds that the criminal gangs are scamming mobile money agents into depositing money into their phones thereafter disappearing into thin air.


“It’s therefore prudent that Mobile money agents seek to receive the cash before carrying out any transaction,” he asked Mobile money agents.


The thugs also, according to police, are Pick-pocketers who snatch bags of cash, or discreetly remove valuables from bags and pockets of customers in and around financial institutions such as Banks, mobile money agents, SACCOS, and other Credit facilities.


“There is also an emerging theft of improperly parked, or secured motor cycles. Owners should always park them in designated areas with security available,” he encouraged Motorcycle owners.


On the other hand, ASP Ageca has urged the residents of Teso Sub region to be vigilant to reduce the incidents or levels of crimes of opportunity by making it difficult for the circumstances to arise under which a criminal breaks the law, as it should be noted that opportunity does cause crime.

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