NGORA COUNTY PETITION: Achayo Wins Round One As Court Dismisses Abala’s 25 Affidavits

By John Ogulei
The high court in Soroti has struck off 25 Affidavits filed by former Ngora County MP, David Abala against the newly Elected MP, Juliet Achayo Lodou.
Abala was first pronounced by Ngora Electoral Commission Chairperson, Peter Toddu but his victory was shortlived after the National Electoral Commission ove turned his victory and announced Achayo one week after Abala was declared winner.
Abala then ran to court to try to secure his earlier victory.
Atotal of 26 Affidavits were filed and recognized but according to Soroti High Court sitting Lady Justice, Jane Kajuga Okuo struck off 25 Affidavits citing lack of satisfactory evidence.
Her ruling came after Alfred Okello Oryem, Achayo’s lawyer asking court to quash the Affidavits challenging Achayo’s victory.
The lawyers had contended that the Affidavits filed by Abala’s legal team headed by Medard Ssegona and Philip Engulu are cooked up Affidavits.
Okello said in his request, all the witnesses didn’t specify whether they are males or females in their affidavits.
“The witnesses also did not attach photocopies of their national Identities to their affidavits,” Said Okello.
He stated that the witnesses claim that they are illiterate and don’t know how to read and write yet they signed documents written in English without a certifying document from the commissioner of oaths to a certain their claims meaning they are unsatisfactory.
Speaking to the Media after the ruling Oryem said that the court has decided in their favour aware that the Affidavits were cooked up.
“It’s sad that your petitioner has decided not to withdraw the matter,” He said.
But Merdard Ssegona, the Petitioners lawyer said that they have strong arguement and they will not continue with the remaining one Affidavit to base their arguement in Court.
Both parties have been given to present written submissions awaiting court to decide on the judgement day.
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