MUNYONYO SEPTIC TANK MURDER: Onebe Charged With Murder of Wife

Compiled By Markson Omagor



Police have preferred murder charges against Francis Onebe, the husband of late Immaculate Mary Blessing Aiso.


Aiso’s body was recently found in a septic tank at the couple’s residence in Munyonyo, Kampala.


Onebe, a city accountant and managing partner at audit firm Price and Kin certified public accountants will appear in court today 21st September 2021 alongside his home guard, Bonny Oriokot, police said yesterday.


“Onebe Francis together with his home guard Bonny who allegedly murdered Ms Immaculate Aiso Onebe have been charged with murder contrary to section 188 and 189 of the Penal Code Act. The two will appear today, September, 21, 2021 at Makindye Court at 10am,” said CID police spokesperson, Mr Charles Twine.


Mr Richard Emou, a retired senior prisons officer, also the family head and the follower to Aiso who was buried over the weekend, said as a family, they were looking up to police and the court to handle the mysterious death of their sister.


Aiso went missing from her matrimonial home in Munyonyo on January 6 and her body was recovered from the septic tank on August 28.


During Aiso’s burial ceremony, Mr Emou said her disappearance left many glaring gaps since her hand bag and phone were left behind.  One of the guards at their home also disappeared.


“We got to know that Bonny Oriokot, a guard at their home, a born of Alwa Sub-county was on the run within Kaberamaido, but as luck had it, he went back and scaled the wall and hid inside the toilet. The guard on duty informed the manager of Pentagon Security Services who informed police,” Mr Emou said.


He explained to the mourners that there was a lot of uneasiness showed by the members of Mr Onebe’s family, the reason why they had to bury his sister at their home and not at her husband’s home as culture demanded.


The two homes are within the same district of Kaberamaido.

He told mourners that his 64-year-old sister had one daughter and owned Pentagon Security Services with another business in Nairobi, Kenya, dealing in decoration and designs

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