TASO Soroti Steps Out to Support Fight against Covid 19

By Nathan Eyagu




The Aids Support Organization (TASO) has come out to help combat the fight against the deadly Covid-19 virus that has continued to be a big challenge in the community and country at large.


While having an interview with this website, Dr. Opi Ronald, the central programme manager for TASO  Soroti Centre explained that as TASO, they have come up to help government in the fight against covid 19 through sensitization, prevention and vaccination.


‘’We are closely working with the district to help support the fight against covid 19 and we do this by rendering different support like caring for the home based covid 19 patients who are asymptomatic and other different ways too and I urge the community to continue observing the health guidelines,’’ he said.


He also explained that as TASO, they are working hard to hit the global target of having the HIV pandemic under control so that 95% or even 100% of people having the HIV virus get to know their status so that they are put on the ART programme thus living a healthy life.


Dr. Opi also cited TB and meningitis as some of the killer diseases that greatly affect most patients living with the HIV virus in Teso sub region.


‘’We have scaled up TB detection so that all people screened for TB and those tested positive are put on immediate treatment as its’ a deadly disease if detected late,’’ he further explained.


Meanwhile, TASO has brought its services closer to its clients amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.


To ensure that patients get services in places closer to them, TASO has rendered support to gov’t to accredit more health facilities to provide free HIV services to the communities to about 127 health facilities in Teso Sub Region and 24 facilities in Karamoja.


‘’Through sensitization, we have urged our patients to get support from either health Centre II or III with a document provided to them as this helps to save them from moving for long distances,’’ Dr. Opi Ronald the central programme manager TASO Soroti Centre told this website.


‘’We have also rolled out the differentiate service delivery module where clients can be registered in specific health facilities and drugs are taken to them there. He says this implementation is a great success during this lock down through the help of clinical officers and councilors.


He also added that the patients are given drugs for long periods for as long as six months compared to two months a move that will help reduce the need of them visiting different facilities.


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