Legendary Teso Singers Release Song Praising Teso

By Nathan Eyagu




Two iconic singers and song writers from Teso sub region, Yona chanlee of airborne entertainment and canis odd of Louis Management early this week released a collabo titled “Teso”.


In the audio, the singers describe the beauty of Teso, the weather and the hospitality of its people.


“Teso is where the wise people come from as it’s known that the wise people come from the east, we experience the rain season, sun shines and the moon also comes out in the land of the wise,” The duo sing in one of the verses sung in Ateso.


The song has since got public attention and different reaction with many describing it as a good hit and appreciate the two singers for joining hands together.


Canis odd is a breakthrough Award winner who got famous with his ” ebaluwa toto” hit and Yona chanlee who has always been an icon is known for his songs like ” eriyo Edeke ake akan”,” moti mot” and many others.

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