JUST IN: Judiciary Deploys, Transfers Judges in High Court Divisions & Circuits

By Markson Omagor



The Judiciary has made new deployments and transfers of Judges in the High Court Divisions and Circuits.


The transfers announced by the Principal Judge, Flavia Zeija on the 5th October 2021, follow the appointment of new judges.


The deployments will take immediate effect whereas the transfers are to take effect by November 8th 2021. The transfers are delayed because the judges are required to complete matters that are before them and are in advanced stages.


“The judges on transfer are required to complete matters in advanced stages at their current stations before relocation to the new stations and may not take on new matters,” the Principal Judges communication reads in part.


The  transfers are as follows;


Hon. Justice Duncan Gaswaga of the High Court Commercial Division has been moved to Lira as the Resident Judge, Lira High Court. He has been replaced by Hon. Lady Justice Cornelia Kakooza Sabiti who was at High Court Land Division.


Meanwhile, Hon. Justice Elizabeth Kabanda currently Resident Judge, Mukono High Court has been transferred to the International Crimes Division. She is joined by Hon. Lady Justice Elizabeth Jane Alvidza who has been Senior Resident Judge, Fort Portal High Court.


Hon. Justice Isaac Muwata, Resident Judge Lira High Court moves to High Court Criminal Division.


Hon. Justice Vincent Emmy Mugabo currently Resident Judge, Fort Portal High Court now becomes the Head of Fort Portal High Court Circuit.


Hon. Justice Victoria N.N Katamba, Resident Judge Masaka has been made to Head the Masaka High Court Circuit.


The new appointees have been deployed as follows;

Hon. Chemtai Tom is now the Resident Judge, Jinja High Court.

Hon. Justice Lady Nakachwa Florence becomes the Resident Judge Mukono High Court.

Hon. Justice Tweyanze Lawrence is the new Resident Judge Masaka High Court.

Hon. Justice Wagona Vincent is the new Resident Judge, Fort Portal High Court.

Hon. Lady Justice Komuhangi Alice has been deployed at the High Court Family Division and will also be circuiting at the International Crimes Division.



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