Illegally Connected Electricity Wires Electrocute 17 Year Old

By Solomon Hamala




Shock has gripped the people of Kiroowa zona in Iganga Municipality as electricity electrocuted a 17 year old boy.


The deceased, Swabiru Kiriba was electrocuted On Friday last week in the morning when he came into contact with a naked wire in his mum’s kiosk while mopping.


We have established that Swabiru’s mother, names yet to be identified, only started operating the kiosk the previous day.


“They are new in the area. They only started operating that kiosk yesterday. The boy had been sent by the mum to clean the workplace as early as 06:00 am” one eye witness Wembulira Yakubu said.


It is said that the accident was a result of the “kamyufu” wiring, which left naked wires hanging in the kiosk.

The chairperson LCI Kirrowa zone Nantatya Magidu noted that Swabiru died on the spot.


He also talked against the illegal access to power as this has caused many accidents and deaths.


“Let us use the right people to do the wiring for us. It will save us lives, and reduce the number of accidents caused by electricity related issues.” LC1 Chairman noted.


Police spokesperson Busoga East region, Nandawula Diana confirmed the incident and noted that investigations are ongoing.

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