Soroti Police Arrests Fraudster Circulating Fake Ugandan Currency

By Nathan Eyagu




Police in Soroti Central Police Station have detained a man who was caught in possession with fake Uganda shilling notes in the denominations of Shs10,000, 20,000 and 50,000.


The suspect identified as Justine Oriokot popularly known as Fenne was arrested over the weekend while buying fuel in a local trading center in Okoboi Sub County in Katakwi District. Oriokot was got with over Shs400,000 fake cash.


He was arrested with the help of the area LC3 chairman of Okoboi Sub County who was informed by locals after discovering that the money he gave them was fake.


ASP Oscar Gregory Ageca, the Police Spokesperson for East Kyoga Regional Police said that Oriokot was got in possession with fake Ugandan currency that he circulated all over as he falsely bought different things from the locals.


He further called upon the public to be vigilant when receiving currency especially of high denominations and inform the police of any suspicions so that the circulation of fake money can be handled before it affects the economy.


It should be noted that the tricksters disappear after the public realizes their smart acts and hence come back again after the public has forgotten about their past acts.


Ageca said Oriokot will be arraigned in courts of law when investigations are complete.

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