Umkhukha Factions Fight over Cultural Institution Offices

By Wetondo Denis Julius




The two Umkhukha factions are at war again, this time over the Cultural Institution Offices located at Malukhu in Industrial City Division, Mbale City.


The offices are currently being occupied by John Amuramu Wagabyalile faction with his cabinet.


Now the Mike Mudoma faction has petitioned the office of the Resident City Commissioner to have Amuramu Wagabyalile and his cabinet evicted from the offices.


Currently the Masaba cultural institution has two factions of delegates and clan leaders, one belongs to Mike Mudoma and the other one to John Amuram Wagabyalile both claiming to be legitimate leaders.



While speaking during a cultural council meeting held recently at Mutoto cultural site, Wilson Wedayila, the Speaker of Masaba Cultural Institution under Mudoma’s faction says they are disappointed in the manner that Wagabyalile is purporting to be the legitimate Umkhukha and operating at Masaba Cultural Institution.


Wedayila argues that Frank Tumwebaze, the former Minister of Gender and Peace Mutuzo, State Minister during reconciliation between the two parties held in March this year, it was resolved that each elected cultural leader must stay away from the Cultural offices until government gazettes one of them.



He revealed to this reporter that they have written a letter to Ahamada Washakie, the Mbale city RCC asking him to enforce security and chase away Wabagayalile with his team out of office pending final government decision.



However, Geoffrey Wepondi, the Prime Minister of Masaba cultural institution has asked Wedayila and his colleagues to seek a court order if they want to evict Wagabyalile and cabinet out of the Cultural Offices arguing that the RCC has no authority to interfere with Cultural matters.



He adds that Bamasaba should be calm because Wagabyalile has already started working waiting for gazettement in November.



Meanwhile, Washakie declined to give a comment on the matter saying he will do so after getting appropriate advice.

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