NRM Bosses Accused Of Land Grabbing in Soroti City

By John Ogulei




A Senior Political Analyst who also doubles as the Councilor for Abia Sub County in Amuria District Moses Ochole and the former Soroti district NRM party administrator, George William Okwaput have been accused by residents of Ajikidak and Onyakai villages for forcefully trying to grab wetland land and messing up the boundaries.


In a meeting that was called yesterday 25th October 2021 by the two area Local Council One chairpersons of Ajikidak and Onyakai in Soroti City, the residents accused Ochole and Okwaput for trying to use their power and political influence to mess with the existing boundaries for their own selfish gain.


Ochole who purchased one hectare of land in Onyakai Village next to a swamp/wetland is accused of crossing and removing boundary marks, interfering with the ecosystem among others.


William Eibu, one of the area residents whose land has also been encroached on by Ochole accuses both leaders for trying to use force to grab his land.


He said whereas Ochole bought one hectare of land from Eragu, Ochole has on several occasions tried to cross the boundaries claiming that he is too connected and even if he (Eibu) reports to any office, he can’t succeed.


He also blamed Ochole for using the office of the District Planner, Environment Officer and Physical Planner to overpower the local people.


Joshua Okaa, the Secretary of Ikeratok clan, in his submission accused Ochole for threatening him in a phone conversation while vowing to blackmail all people who are against him. Adding that Ochole asked him to take a bribe 500,000/= to survive being blackmailed.


Charles Etiau, the LCI of Ajikidak wondered why a person who bought one hectare of land is trying to mess-up with the boundaries.


“Ochole is not a born of this place and he is just power ambitious. He thinks that by becoming the LCV councilor he is so powerful now,” said Etiau.


Haruna Eriau, the Chairperson of Onyakai village also accused Ochole of trying to use powerful people to scare the ordinary people.


“They came here on Saturday with big people to scare us. It’s true he bought his land and we can’t stop him from using his land but what he is doing to grab another portion is bad. We shall not as the community allow him to mess the two villages. He bought land in my village but he is now encroaching onto another village,” He said.


Paul Omer, the Soroti City East Mayor called for calmness amongst area residents and promised to meet with Ochole and Okwaput to discuss the matter at length.


But Ochole in his response when reached for a comment told this reporter that the story was untrue saying the community shouldn’t think he is foolish.


He said the land in question is a no man’s land between him and Eibu. Adding that Eibu bribed the community to alarm.


“Eibu has interest in selling the no man’s land”, he added.


On the other hand, Okwaput also noted that the land in question is a no man’s land and no one has a right of ownership.


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