Magistrate Court Opens in Nabilatuk

By Steven Enatu




Nabilatuk District opened up a Magistrates court in the District last week on Thursday 27 October 2021.


The court is now being presided over by the Chief Magistrate Moroto Emmy Geoffrey Sayekwo.


Since the inception of the District on 1st July 2018, the District has been operating without a court, with suspects transported to Nakapiripirit District for hearing of cases.


According to the Nabilatuk Resident District Commissioner, Milton Odongo, this new development will go a long way in ensuring that criminals are prosecuted in courts of Law, especially cattle raiders and rustlers.


According to the constitution Article 23, 4(b), A person arrested or detained (b) upon reasonable suspicion of his or her having committed or being about to commit a criminal offence under the laws of Uganda, shall, if not earlier released, be brought to court as soon as possible but in any case not later than forty-eight hours from the time of his or her arrest.


The Magistrates court is located at the community Hall behind Township Primary School in Nabilatuk Town Council, Nabilatuk District.


Nabilatuk District was curved from Nakapiripirit and became operational on 1st July 2018.

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