Soroti University Denies Students without COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Access to Lecture Rooms

By John Ogulei




The Soroti Based 9th Government aided Science University has denied its students without the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate or authentic Cards access to the university Lecture rooms and Laboratory in a move aimed at eliminating the spread of COVID-19.


According to the University mouthpiece, Juma Hassan Nyene, Students who are not going to present or who haven’t presented their COVID-19 certificates have been denied access to the Lecture rooms and Laboratory.


“Our students don’t stay in the University Premises and as the University we have decided not to allow them to access our Lecture rooms and Laboratory because we are not sure of their safety. Without vaccination cards there is no entry,” said Nyene.


He added that as a University, they have put in place strategies that are aimed at helping their students who haven’t gotten vaccinated.


“We are in talks with the management of Soroti Regional Referral Hospital and other health facilities within the City to provide vaccination to our students. We don’t expect our students to miss out because of the vaccine,” He added.


He also confirmed that all the University staff are fully vaccinated and are ready to start with lectures.


“Most of the staff are waiting for the period of their second jab,” He noted.


He also warned students against presenting fake COVID-19 vaccination cards revealing that they will face the wrath of the law.


Soroti University now joins the rest of the higher tertiary institutions who have denied their students access to the school premises after failure to present the covid-19 vaccination certificate or card.

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