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Bugisu’s First Legislator Asks for Monthly Payment from Government

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Bugisu’s first Member of Parliament immediately Uganda attained Independence is living in poverty and has asked government to pay him and others like him pension.


Stephen Muduku, a resident of Sironko district aged 91 currently is also amongst first legislators in 1961 up to 1979 who represented Bugisu North West constituency at that time.


While speaking to the media at his home located at Budadiri Town Council in Sironko district during a courtesy visit by Isaiah Sasaga Wanzira legislator for Budadiri East in Sironko district and John Musila of Bubulo East in Namsindwa district, Mudku says that first legislators played big roles in this country whereby government must appreciate them.


Muduku adds that during his time as Member of Parliament, he played roles like tabling a motion at the floor of parliament to stop land tenure system in Bugisu where Semi Kakungulu was forcing Bamasaba to pay tax on their own land.


He adds that he played other duties like lobbying for roads, Buwasa health center IV located at Sironko district, bringing back Bugisu Cooperative Union to the hands of Bamasaba from whites and schools among others but government has failed to recognize him and his colleagues up to now.


The former legislator also says that since they are less than twenty in the entire country and government must consider paying them monthly salaries of at least five million monthly to push their life ahead.



Musila promised to table a motion at the floor of Parliament demanding government to support these MPs during colonial time in terms of medical, salary and construct for them buildings since they had played a big role to this country.


He adds that it looks bad for government not to consider these legislators yet they are resourceful to the country and they have contributed a lot to the country.


Meanwhile, Isaiah Sasaga Member of Parliament representing Budadiri East constituency has pledged to talk to other Members of Parliament from Bugisu under Bugisu Parliamentary Caucus and contribute at least one million shillings each to raise 25 million and give Muduku monthly as they wait for government.


He condemned the NRM government for always considering things which are underproductive to this country like paying musicians instead of diverting that money to such former legislators who contributed a lot to this country.


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