Elevate Kamuda Health Center III to IV, Residents Demand

By Steven Enatu



The Community in Kamuda Sub County, Soroti District have asked their area Member of Parliament to lobby government and ensure that Kamuda Health Three is elevated to health center four for better health services to serve Soroti County.

They raised this yesterday 14th November, 2021 during the area MP, Hon Patrick Aeku’s visit as he deliverered his promise of the ambulance to his constituents.

Reverend Gabriel Thomas Elasu of St. John Kamuda Church of Uganda said that whereas the Ambulance has now been provided, the MP should ensure that the health facilities are also equipped such that referred patients get the medical care they deserve.

He said this would be done by elevating Kamuda health center three to four to serve the big population that is locked and surrounded by lakes.

“We request that if the MP could help us in ensuring that the facilities have medicine and also our health center three elevated to health center four. It’s not good to bring a patient from the village here to the facility where there is no medication,” he said.

Other locals who spoke to this website said the ambulance is a big boost now in the health sector but also agree with the Reverend that facilities need to be equipped and elevated.

Meanwhile, Hon Patrick Aeku the Soroti county MP said the ambulance is meant to serve the community of Soroti County and no person is expected to pay money either for fuel or to the driver.

He said his plan is to find all possible mechanisms of fighting poverty and promote household income.

Aeku also vowed to handle the issue of elevating Kamuda health center three to four.

“Majority of the things that were said here are possible because these are the things that are already in the pipeline line,” he said.

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