Over 190 Police Officers Dismissed Over Corrupt Tendencies

By Nathan Eyagu




192 Police officers have been dismissed from the Force with many more facing disciplinary proceedings and may be dismissed from service.


This was revealed by the Police acting Director of Research and Planning, James Ochaya during the launch of East Kyoga Regional police headquarters in Soroti City East yesterday, 15th November 2021.


Ochaya who was responding to a concern raised by Teddy Acham, the NRM mobiliser in Teso Sub Region about corrupt tendencies within the police force.


‘’Today we are commissioning these buildings which is a good move but the police officers have remained a problem, Afanda SP, your boys are very corrupt, the police name has been tarnished,’’ Acham said.


‘’So far we have dismissed about 192 police officers and many more are within our disciplinary court, if we identify that you operate with corrupt tendencies, then you are a candidate for dismissal,’’ Ohaya said in reply.


He further called upon the officers to change their approach of doing work and retire peacefully than getting dismissed from the Force mid-way.


‘’police services are for free, don’t ask the locals for money for fuel but rather forward such cases to your seniors who will then also forward to the DPC who will work with the office of the CAO to see how to get fuel, the CAO plays a big role too, we are trying to revamp the police image that has gotten spoiled,’’ he added.


He further called upon all stakeholders to join hands in the fight against crime.

The Uganda police force has resolved to dismiss any police officer found corrupt in the force in a move to clean up the tarnished police name.


Acham had earlier complained that some officers drop cases and fail to help the community due to corruption.

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