Teso Artists Advised To Save More, Invest in Order to Grow

By Nathan Eyagu




Artists in Teso Sub Region have been advised to save and invest money if they are to grow big.


The advice was given by different invited leaders who attended the Annual General Meeting of Teso Entertainment Ensemble (TEE) over the weekend at Atooti Prime City Hotel in Soroti City East.


TEE is a registered association of teso entertainment personalities that include artists, MCs, radio presenters, DJs, music promoters, comedians, and dancers among others over the weekend.


Singer Naff cee, the associations’ chairperson explained that the association was formed in November 2020 but got registered in 2021 with the aim of saving and investing as a way of improving the lives of those in the entertainment industry.


‘’For long, the entertainment industry has been laughed at, we came up with this group to see that we change our lives, let no one start thinking that this association has come to affect the rest of the associations, one only pays a non-refundable fee of 5,000 ugx and start saving weekly from as low as 4,000 ugx to 20,000 ugx and the money can be deposited in the associations bank account in DFCU bank,’’ he added.



Nancha Zainabu, the Female Youth Councilor in Soroti City East promised to lobby for the association as she wishes the best for the youths saying she supports talent.


Renowned businessman in Soroti City and the former mayoral aspirant for Soroti City East Division, Hon. Latif Abdul said that it was rare to see young people with such ideologies coming together and further advised them to remain united for the growth and development of the association.


‘’Learn to invest the money that you collect, let it make more money and let not the money you have collected cause divisionism amongst the members, start small and grow big and ensure that you share ideas with most of the influential people in the region and I promise to always be there for you,’’ he added.


He further pledged to support the associations with a brand new printer come January 2022.


Juliet Agonyo, a Councilor in Soroti City East and also the city council speaker appreciated the team for enduring to save for the whole year amidst the tight conditions of covid 19.


“Use Kampala musicians as an example, they once started small and grew in a gradual process,” Agonyo said while urging members to support the association for its growth. She also promised to support the association.

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