Bugwere Clan Leaders Finally Resolve To Unite

By Solomon Hamala



Musimami being instruments of power

Bugwere Clan leaders (Itabangi) have finally resolved to put aside their differences and unite in a bid to foster development in the region.


The resolution was reached at during the installation of Wilberforce Musimami as the new clan leader (Itabangi) of the Baleemeri clan at a function held at Nangondi village, Kasodo Sub County, Pallisa district on November 28th 2021.


Musimami was elected as Itabangi on February 27 this year after John Gabengere decided to step down due to poor health conditions.


The Speaker Bugwere chiefdom, Jacob Maiso who represented the 116 clan leaders also promised to recognize the acting Ikubania, Joel Mugulusi as the legitimate leader until a substantive one is elected.

“We are tired of the endless wrangles that have even reached an extent of causing bloodshed,” he said.


Maiso who was flanked by the deputy speaker Bugwere chiefdom, Hajji Issa Kadugala said the decision taken by the clan leaders to unite was a great step towards attracting investors to the area besides fostering development.


“There are many people who have always wanted to set up development projects in the area but have shied away just because of the wrangles amongst our leaders,” he said.


Previously, Bugwere clan leaders have been engulfed in wrangles with those opposed to the current leadership of the acting Ikubania, Joel Mugulusi and those in support.


A section of clan leaders early this year stormed the offices of the Resident District Commissioner Budaka protesting the decision by government  to offer armed guards and an official vehicle to the acting Ikubania who is also the prime minister Bugwere chiefdom, Joel Mugulusi yet he had earlier been sacked and replaced with Eric Kasolo.


However while Bugwere Chiefdom Attorney General, Issa Watenyere on interpreting the constitution said the decision taken by a section of 58 clan leaders to vote Mugulusi out of office was illegal since he was only appointed by the Ikubania.


The clan leaders also handed over instruments of power that included the Bugwere chiefdom constitution, a spear, and chair to the Musimami



Musimami after being sworn into office promised to unite the people of Bugwere through mobilizing them to take up income generating activities to improve on their household incomes, besides lobbying investors to set up development projects in the area to provide employment opportunities to youths.


He later handed over 60 motorcycles to clan leaders to help mobilize people to embrace government programs in order to improve on their house hold incomes instead of idling around or engaging in betting activities.


“I have a mission of ensuring that all the 150 clan leaders in this chiefdom get motorcycles for purposes of mobilization,” he said.


Musimami who is also vying for the position of Ikubania said he had also purchased ten acres of land in Kasodo Sub County to help set up development projects improve house hold incomes of clan leaders.


Who is Musimami


Musimami is a 52 year old graduate teacher, accountant and prominent businessman based in Kampala.


State Minister for Gender, Peace Mutuzo said the decision taken by the clan leaders to reconcile is a great step towards setting a road map to hold elections for the Ikubania.


“I would like to assure the people of Bugwere that this is a great step towards realizing development in the area,” she said.


She said cultural leaders play a very big role in attracting investors to set up development projects in the area besides lobbying for services like schools, and hospitals from government.


“You cannot expect an area to develop when there is no stable cultural leadership,” she said.


Mutuzo said ten clans that had disagreements over leadership had also elected and filled the positions within the mandatory 21 days given to them by the Ministry of Gender.



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