Triple J Set to Release New Music Album

Nathan Eyagu




Teso’s legendary music writer and dance hall hit maker, Singer Triple J is soon to release a new album of six songs.


Triple J is recording the music with Black Records Music Studios in Kampala City with the country’s top music producer, Daddy Andre.


Triple J has produced different songs with black records studios like ‘’woman I love you’’ one of his songs that has hit the region. Triple J has also produced songs with other top producers like Bomba in Kampala.


In a short video clip that the singer posted on his wall while in the black market studios, the singer is seen smiling and singing to one of his songs as the beats played at the back ground.


The singers’ new move has since then left several artists and fans shocked on the amount of money the singer’s manager (manager Lawrence) is set to spend for him as he drops his six song album.

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