THE KUMAM QUESTION: We Are Not Advocating For Sub Region – Elders

By Steven Enatu




Kumam Elders under their umbrella, Kumam Cultural Heritage have dissociated themselves from those who are saying that Kumams are advocating for a sub region of their own.


Kumam Cultural Heritage (KCH) formerly Kumam Elder’s Forum is the brain behind the mobilization of Kumams to elect and install their cultural leader to be called “Won Atekerin” literally meaning head of clans.


The election of the Kumam cultural leader, Won Atekerin- Papa Kumam was first postponed on the 5th of June 2021 over legal challenges.


During that day, it emerged that the steering committee didn’t inform the line minister as per the constitutional requirement and the election was postponed to 16th July 2021. However, the process was interrupted by the second wave of covid-19 that forced the steering committee to suspend the activities.


Following the lifting of the lockdown, people have been waiting for the election processes.


However, the chairperson steering committee for the election and installation of Won Atekerin, Ochen Ebayu who also doubles as the acting chairperson Kumam Cultural heritage, has cleared the air saying it’s not in their minds to advocate for a sub region.


He said their only quest is to have the cultural leader elected and installed to preserve the culture of Kumams as a tribe in Uganda.


“Those who want the sub region could be different from us, we want a cultural leader, why do you hurry? You cannot kill two or three animals with one sword, you have to wait until you’re hungry,” he elaborated.


Now with the partial reopening, Ewangu who is the chairperson constitutional affairs said they expect the election done soon after getting resolutions from two district councils that he said is delaying the process. Ewangu was reserved to mention the name of the two councils.


He however said a budget worth about Shs15 million has been passed and is only waiting for funding from well-wishers.


He also reiterated that as Kumam Cultural Heritage, they are for the cultural leader not a sub region.


In the past, all that was known is that Kumam wanted a cultural leader and sub region that would see parts of Soroti, Amolatar, Dokolo curved to the mother Kaberamaido and Kalaki where the Kumam speaking communities predominate.


However this seems to have been quelled by the appointment of one of their own, Hon Dr. Kelement Ongalo Obote MP Kalaki County as the Minister for Teso Affairs according to some political analysts in the region.

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