Police Decries Increased Cases of Mob Justice in Teso Sub Region

By Nathan Eyagu



The police has decried increased cases of mob justice in Teso sub region.


Speaking to the Media this morning, 16th December 2021, the Police Spokesperson for East Kyoga, Ageca Oscar Gregg says police has noted a significant rise in the numbers of mob justice in the sub region.


Ageca revealed that in Kumi district, there was murder by mob of two people vide CRB 414/2021, another incident of murder by mob at Ngora district of a chicken thief vide CRB 409/2021, and an incident of murder by mob at Soroti district vide SD Ref 07/14/12/2021.


Ageca cautioned the public against the extra judicial punishment or retribution in which people suspected of being in conflict with the law or wrong doing are beaten, humiliated and in some cases killed by a mob, a crowd, or vigilante groups.


The Uganda police has informed the public that mob justice happens and takes place in the absence of any kind of fair trial in which suspects are given the chance to defend themselves, since the mob simply takes the law in its own hands.


“We further inform the public that mob justice is not only criminal, an act punishable by law under the penal system of the Republic of Uganda, but also a violation of the fundamental human rights of an individual to due process of the law, suspects right to life and prevents the application of justice to all citizenry as under the law.” Ageca says.


“The public is therefore advised not to engage in mob justice as it carries penal sanction, and all individuals involved in the commission of mob justice shall be arrested and arraigned in the courts of law.” He added.

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