RDC Busia Warns Umeme Staff against Vandalizing Own Power Lines

By Wetondo Denis Julius




The Resident District Commissioner of Busia, John Rex Aachilla has warned Umeme staff against vandalizing power lines themselves.


Aachilla says that in this current global world, you can give service when you know the human resource working with you, not persons who don’t know what they want.


He added that they should be workers who can go out and convince people not going out vandalizing power lines themselves and again accuse the community.


RDC made these remarks during the opening of the Umeme service center in Busia municipality along custom road opposite Busia central police station.


“The vandalization of power and other equipment is done by the Umeme staff, so they should bring quality staff who are corruption free in Busia,” he said.


He also warned those who are terrorizing people in town, carrying pangas, stealing things, to stop with immediate effect vowing to have them put out of action.



Speaking at the same function, the head of communication at Umeme, Peter Kaujo said that the purpose of extending the service center to Busia municipality is to minimize the longer distance of around 60 km to Tororo traveled by their customers.


He also revealed that Busia has around 11 thousand clients as per now but according to the statistics given by the chairperson LC V Busia district, Wasike Steven Mugeni indicates that Busia has over One hundred thousand households missing power.


Kaujo says that they still have the potential to extend power to other people since they will be having the service center nearby, manager, all the engineering department and they are committed to seeing that all people get power such that movement to Tororo becomes history.


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