Police Bans Fireworks

By Nathan Eyagu
Police in East Kyoga Region have issued tough guidelines a head of the festive days like Christmas day and new year’s  celebrations.
While briefing media,the East Kyoga Police Spokesperson ASP Agecca Oscar Gregg today Friday 24th December said that police is issuing a ban on Fireworks, operations of night clubs, Discos and Bars in the city.
“I wish to pass on information to the effect that there shall not be fire works this time around 2021/2022 (during Christmas and New Year’s day). Inform all intended users. (hotels, entertainment centres etc) to desist from the same or face prosecution,” ASP Agecca said in a statement to the Media.
He also added that if there will be free lodging at their cells for those who open bars at their own risks as the move is aimed at combating the current terror alert situation in the country following series of terror attacks including the twin bombing in Kampala recently.
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