SOROTI CITY Versus SOROTI District: City Gives District a Week’s Ultimatum to Reinstate Signpost

By Our Reporter

Soroti city council passes a resolution to have soroti District reinstate the city signpost in a week’s time.

The soroti city council in their session today has unanimously resolved that the authority at soroti district reinstate the city signpost that was illegally vandalized on the 27th Dec 2021 by the soroti district officials. The signpost was put along Lira road and was commissioned by the former speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga during the inauguration of the city.
John Okwii youth councilor soroti city said that the sign post should be put back immediately and the arrest of the perpetrators seen in the picture while the signpost was being vandalized be effected.
The city authority had earlier reported a case of malicious damage against soroti District. However, the resident city commissioner Soroti City Peter Pex Park said that the Criminal investigation officers said that the case soroti city authority had reported makes it very hard to effect the arrest being against institution.
He advised the city authority to go back to police and rephrase the case.
Park also raised a concern that the soroti District local council five chairperson had threatened to evict him from his office saying it’s the district offering office space to the city.
The war of properties between soroti city and the District is stemming from the earlier issue of the two markets operating on the same day which according to a source who preferred annonimity said angered the District boss since the Akaikai market is not realizing revenue due to low turnup.
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