Mbale Division Mayor Clashes With City Clerk Over Vendors’ Relocation

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Industrial City Mayor, Masaba Muhammad Mutenyo has clashed with the Mbale City Clerk over the relocation of the street vendors.


Last year in December, the City Clerk wrote a letter to the street vendors requesting them to find new places to relocate their businesses or find vacant places in the Central Market.


In his letter, the City Clerk said it’s very difficult for a growing city like Mbale to attract tourists and funders when there is congestion of the streets by vendors.


He also said that they don’t hate the vendors but for the beautification of the city, they have to find a convenient place to operate from which was not accepted by the vendors.


However, early last week, the street vendors had organized to strike but when the industrial city mayor heard of the strike, he quickly came in to calm the situation.


Masaba also warned the City Clerk to leave the street vendors alone or else get circumcised.


“This City Clerk is just daydreaming and just needs to be circumcised,” he said.

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