Mbale City School Loses 45% of Teaching Staff As Schools Re-Open

By Wetondo Denis Julius




A prominent Mbale City private primary school has lost at least 45% of its teaching staff mainly to Dubai where they have gone to do menial jobs.


The Head teacher of Tower Primary School revealed this to this website on Monday 10th, January, the day schools officially re-opened.


Mr. Robert Wamimbi said most of his teachers opted to fly out of the country as a result of the prolonged lockdown of the education sector.


He also says that few of his staff have reported with the rest refusing to take the Covid 19 vaccination and joined different business like boda boda riding, and farming.


He also says the government of Uganda promised them money to start on but all in vain.


Meanwhile, Stephen Wambalo, the head teacher Mbale High School says the lock down has greatly affected them as a school in various areas.


Wambalo cited early marriages among students, circumcision and poor turn-up of the teaching staff that had got involved in other businesses.


“This being an even year, most male students have already been circumcised and can’t return to school in the first three weeks,” he said.

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