Suspected Triple Six Cult Members Arrested In Tororo

By Matthew Okello




Two suspected Triple Six cult members have been arrested in Mukuju Sub County, Tororo District for hiding their children away from polio immunization.


Police in Tororo arrested the two on Sunday after health workers carrying out the immunization tipped the Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Were Yahaya.



The two cult members hailing from the same family were picked from Mukuju central in Mukuju Sub County after they failed to present their four children for vaccination despite persistent pleading by the health workers for over six hours.


The spirited resistance by this family forced the sub county security to call the Yahaya who swung to action with police who arrested them.



The prime suspect, Rose Nanye 60 years of age told security that her grandchildren had run to unknown destination without her consent.



Asked by the deputy RDC the religion she subscribes to, Nanye immediately started shedding tears and declined to reveal her faith.


However some neighbors told that every Sunday they see the woman come back from her prayer place with a bottle of what they are yet to establish its content and purpose.


Meanwhile the arrests of these two suspects triggered celebrations amongst the health workers on duty who said every time there is any government health related program, the family has given them hard times.


The two were taken to Tororo central police for further investigation.


Similarly, police used force to ensure that the family of a one Patrick Obwana commonly known as Otumbo gets immunized after hours of running battles.


In his argument, Obwana noted that his children had recently been vaccinated by the government for the similar virus and did not see any use of another immunization.


He was immediately rubbished by the health workers who told the RDC that Obwana’s high level of arrogance is worrying even when he goes to Mukuju health center to seek for services.


Upon successful operations, the Tororo deputy RDC Were Yahaya says the arrested suspects will not be released unless their children get vaccinated.

He warned the communities against following religious sects that portrays them as lunatics.


Meanwhile, according to the immunization act 2017, persons who do not present their children for immunization face a punishment of not less 6 months in jail.


He appreciated the entire district for great cooperation during the 3 days of immunization against polio virus noting that the community’ enthusiasm to have their children immunized is a clear indication that they have joined the NRM government in securing the health of Ugandans.

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