Leon Island’s Jose Chameleon Wants Concert for Funeral When He Dies

By Nathan Eyagu




Legendary Singer, Joseph Mayanja aka Dr. Jose Chameleon has revealed plans of having his funeral turned into a concert and money be made.


The “wale wale” Leone island boss made this revelation yesterday Friday 20th January, 2022 while appearing in an interview with a National Tv.


He added that he came up with the decision after having a discussion with his manager, Mutima.


He narrated to him how he could sell his funeral and they turn it into a concert instead.


“I was having a chat with my manager Mutima recently and I told him how I could sell my funeral and earn from it because people will come from as far as Angola, Zimbabwe, Malawi etc.” He said.


Chameleon who said legends should be appreciated when alive said his fans should give him money now.


“If Balaam, Bajjo or anyone can give me money, they should do it right now and I eat it while still alive,” Chameleon said.


“It’s no use for people to praise me after am dead, people should appreciate their legends when they are still alive,” he said.


The Leone Island boss also said that he wants his corpse to be put in a glass casket where all mourners can see him without much hustle.


“People should learn the art of appreciating others while they are still alive. Take an example of Radio, people appreciated him more after he died. I can congratulate myself because I was his first fan and I showed him to the world. I don’t want to die and people start praising how great I was yet they don’t do it now when I’m still alive.” Chameleon said.

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