Vendors Count Losses as Municipal Council Officials Throw Out Goods

By Our Reporter




A section of vendors operating in Tororo main market yesterday, 25th January 26, 2022 woke up to unbelievable shock after they found their merchandize thrown out by suspected Municipal Council officials.


The vendors dealing in commodities mainly food stuff at gate 7 are said to have missed space at the initial relocation of the market and resorted to street vending.


It was at this point that the municipal council which was interested in stopping street vending to promote business at the market gave the then street vendors space at the market.


However, before they were allocated proper space at the market, it’s alleged that the market administration pioneered by municipal council senior officers recommended the throw away of the helpless vendors.


Upon learning about the ungodly act of municipal council, the vendors gathered in the morning and protested the actions intended to remove them out of business.


Rajab Otiti, one of the affected vendors says he is perturbed by the Tororo municipal council mismanagement warning that if municipal this time does not handle their issues, he will set himself on fire as a remedy of frustrations.


He asked municipal council authority to apologize to them for throwing their goods out like garbage.


Ronald Okaka the Tororo modern market master says he is going to allocate the complainants stalls in the main market and once the reject the allocated stalls; he is going to suspend them from the market


Meanwhile the chairperson of joint vendors association Peter Okolong Langaga says vendors should not worry about the missing space since municipal council has not yet signed vendor’s tenant’s agreement with municipal council


The LCIII of western Al-Jamal Manydi cooled the rowdy protestors gave market master an ultimatum of 1 day to allocate the vendors space at the market or else he will lead them to occupy the currently locked stalls


He also cautioned the market against allocating stalls with owners to new vendors as it has been witnessed, noting that such a move will escalate fights at the market.

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