Museveni’s Vision of Higher Middle Income Status for Uganda Should Be Embraced

By Paul Edotu


“Cadre and development worker as well as Public Administrator”



Gen. YK Museveni, the Principal of NRM sets Higher Middle Income target for the Country and calls upon the leaders to Communicate Social Economic Transformation Paths effectively to Citizens.


One of the best attributes of leadership in development World thinking is visioning, that’s being able to project and forecast the future.


A vision is a desired achievable set goal. In this case President Yoweri Musevei Kaguta is such a leader. He has raised the curtain and the standard of the country to be able to attain upper or higher middle income.


During the 36 Years celebration, the President told the nation that we should no longer just aim at 1039 US dollars middle income which the country was about to attain.


According to the President, the Country can run faster and capture higher middle income level by basically embracing the right mode of agriculture namely; Intensive and commercial agriculture.


The President however appealed on the leaders to pass the right message of social economic transformation to the citizens whom, the change is targeting and the citizens are supposed to take a lead in their own development, making the correct and the right choice of the mode of agriculture, and enterprises with the highest production and productivity.


This message of the President is so timely since most parts of the country are soon to start agricultural production with the onset of the first rains.


In the President’s message also, there seems to be a silent suggestion that the Presidency has always made good poverty alleviation prescriptions for the citizens but these messages are not often properly communicated to the latter or even implemented as envisaged and that is where the missing link is.


Going forward therefore those in authority of whatever kind should wake up to the call of the President to actively mobilize our communities for social, economic transformation using agriculture as a rider to achieving higher middle income status.


At policy level, some enactments, Laws, Ordinances and Bye-laws may be necessary to enforce this development paradigm shift. The Local council leaders, Parish Chiefs, extension workers, Community Workers should actively asses the capacities of each household and ensure they are supported to get into the right path of agriculture which will see them earn money as well as maintain adequate food security stability.


Finally, the Parish development model Program which is soon to be unveiled should provide funding to the already identified framework and Directive of His Excellency the President, it should almost be treasonable to find Parish Development Model funds funding other priorities other than those communicated by the head of State who in this case is our Vision bearer for higher Middle income.


Wishing all Ugandans fruitful Production and Productivity henceforth!!!


Analysis by Paul Edotu, cadre and development worker as well as Public Administrator.


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