Police Releases 2021 Teso Crime Report with Bukedea, Amuria & Katakwi Leading

By Steven Enatu




The East Kyoga region police has released the 2021 Annual Crime report indicating that 144 persons were killed in 2021.


The report indicates that more people were killed in East Kyoga by assault and Mob action. 37 people were murdered by assault, 36 by mob action, 7 by shooting with a gun, 21 died in a domestic violence, 1 in ritual, 6 by blunt object, 4 by arson and others were killed by other forms that include poisoning.


According to the regional police spokesperson Gregg Ageca, the assault cases are usually perpetuated by the family members.


The East Kyoga police registered a total of 809 simple defilement cases in 2021.


In this case, the distinction between simple defilement and aggravated defilement is that aggregated defilement is considered if the girl is under 14 years old, the offender has HIV/AIDS, the offender is the victim’s parent or guardian, the girl has a disability, or the offender is a serial offender, and it carries a maximum penalty of death according to the penal code act.


Ageca said that of the 809 cases, 213 are under inquiry, 371 sent to court, 115 convicted and 6 dismissed over local of witnesses. As of to date, 250 cases are pending in court with 252 awaiting trials.


106 aggravated defilements were also registered, with 82 files submitted to Resident state attorney, 65 pending in court, 64 recurring while one case was dismissed.


A total of 489 cattle were stolen. Out of these cases, Ageca said 285 cases have been forwarded to court, 96 have been convicted while the reset were just reported and there has not been a follow up by the victims.


He said the cases are so rampant in Katakwi, Amuria and Bukedea District. Ageca attributed the cattle theft issues in the region to laxity by the cattle owners on proper management of animals and isolated cases of cattle rustling especially in Katakwi where the Karamojong warriors sometimes raid.


He added that many people leave their animals to move freely.

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