Kaberamaido District Executive Committee, CAO Clash over Staff Recruitment

By Steven Enatu





The Kaberamaido District Executive Committee has refused to approve 10 candidates who they say were illegally recruited by the Chief Administrative Officer, John Stephen Kasadah.


The secretary social services Kaberamaido District, Damali Ajibo said that an additional 719 million wage bill was allocated under health to recruit and fill vacant positions.


In that wage bill, the District Executive Committee sat and approved the recruitment of 17 midwives and 16 enrolled nurses. This was later approved by the DEC and was presented to the Public service commission.


An insider who preferred anonymity said that the balance of 3.7million could not recruit even one staff. However they were surprised to see a list hanging with 10 extra names on top of the 17 midwives and 16 enrolled nurses that were officially recruited.


Ajibo said they are still questioning the procedure under which the ten were brought in without any formal communication to the DEC and District council.


“We are asking how the ten people came in without any supplementary budget passed. We are afraid of how and where their salary will come from,” she said.


When contacted however, Kasadah said that the ten people were picked from the waiting list and because it was urgent they could not wait to inform everyone.


He said that resources he had as the accounting officer could allow him to add that number of staff arguing that increasing the number of staff is his major concern to address human resource shortage in the district.


“It was an administrative issue and I don’t think it has any problem, as an administrator my major concern is to increase the number of staff and when I look at the resources, I realize we can handle that. Remember we were supposed to recruit by December last year and we delayed and yet we have excess money that would end up being returned at the end of the financial year” he said.


Kasadah added that no supplementary budget was passed and there was no need for it.

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