Two Arrested in Mbale over Aggravated Robbery

By Weswa Ronnie
Police in Mbale city under flying squad unit has today, 11th February, 2022 raided Butaleja cell, Masaba ward, industrial city division in Mbale city and arrested two notorious thugs, discovering items stolen worthy of millions.
The suspects are known as Musa Nsamba 25 years of age and Apollo Kennedy Masegwe aged 19  years.
It was reported that on 6th/1/2022 the  two using iron bars broke into the house of Joseph Mpoza located at Butaleja cell Masaba ward Industrial city division in Mbale city and went went away with properties like M/V reg UAR804S Toyota Cami, TV set, two smart phones, one laptop and 7 million shillings.
According to Rogers Taitika, the Elgon region police spokesperson, police of Mbale under flying squad unit raided the home of the two today and discovered all those stolen items with other dangerous items like iron bars,farmers, metals among others which they use for committing crimes in the city.
He adds that the two have been arrested and are currently at Mbale CPS being detained.
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