Mabirizi to Prosecute Judge Who Sentenced Him to 18 Months in Prison

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Controversial City Lawyer, Male Hassan Mabirizi Kassim Kiwanuka has requested for certified of copies of wealth declaration forms from the Inspectorate of Government to help him prosecute Justice Ssekaana Musa.

Justice Musa Ssekaana

In a letter dated 16th February, 2022 and received by the IGG on 17th February 2022,  Male invokes Article 41 of the constitution of Uganda and Section 5 of the Access to Information Act, 2005 to ask for the certified copies of wealth declaration by Justice Ssekaana.


Male who alleges that Justice Ssekaana has illicitly acquired a lot of wealth wants the declaration so that he prosecutes the Judge over illicit enrichment contrary to Section 31 of the Anti- Corruption Act 2009.


“I am in doubt whether he declared his wealth with you in accordance with the Law and if he did, I hereby proceed under Article 41 of the Uganda 1995 Constitution and Section 5 of the Access to Information Act, 2005 to Request for the certified copies,” Mabirizi writes to the IGG.


In the letter Mabirizi gives IGG 21 days to avail him with the certified copies of wealth declaration from the date of receiving his letter.


Mabirizi’s letter to the IGG

Last week, Justice Ssekaana sentenced Mabirizi to 18 months imprisonment for contempt of court. Mabirizi however, claims he has appealed the ruling to the Court of Appeal arguing that Justice Ssekana presided over his own case.




Mabirizi was recently ordered to pay a fine of shs300 million over contempt of court but the state has since accused him of continued attacks against judicial officers.


State Attorney, Patricia Mutesi told High Court that Mabirizi has continued making contemptuous posts on his social media platforms in which he attacks Justice Musa Ssekaana and the Judiciary.


The State Attorney said that it was only prudent that Mabirizi is found guilty of contempt of court and the best punishment would be sending him to prison.


Mutesi noted that in one of his social media posts, Mabirizi described the shs300 million fine as being null and void, a statement she said was an attack on courts of law and the Judiciary.


“Mabirizi never presented himself to court after being summoned and neither did he file affidavits to deny the allegations against him. Court has been left with no option but to order for his arrest on sight and be taken to prison for 18 months,”Ssekaana ruled.


The judge said he had been forced to make a brief ruling in order to ensure Mabirizi stop his attacks on judicial officers.


Consequently, Justice Ssekaana ordered for Mabirizi’s immediate arrest so that he serves the 18-month imprisonment.


However, following the orders, Mabirizi said he had earlier run to the Court of Appeal to hear his application to stay the execution of all orders by Justice Musa Ssekaana including one of having him being detained for 18 months.


“The order is illegal because no man can be a judge in his own cause. All in all, Ssekaana breached every fair hearing principle and I hence reject his unconstitutional ruling. I am hopeful that Court of Appeal will stay the implementation of all these illegalities come Monday. I will at no time be bowed down by illegal orders,” Mabirizi said.

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