NRM Under-performing On Manifesto Implementation – Bulambuli District Boss

By Wetondo Denis Julius




The Bulambuli LC5 chairperson has accused the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party of underperforming in the implementation of President Yoweri Kaguta’s Manifesto.


Annet Nandudu said this yesterday 22nd February 2022 while meeting Richard Bokojja, the Director NRM Manifesto Implementation at Bulambuli district headquarters.


Nandudu said that during the campaign period, the President promised them many things but he has worked on very little.


She says the President promised them an Administration block, 3 science state scholarships, two tractors to the NRM mobilisers, Tomato factory, upgrading of Muyembe Health III to IV among others.


She revealed that out of nine pledges, they have only achieved three which she says is not making them happy.


She requested Bakonjja to help them achieve the pledges made by the President.


Bakonjja who was visiting the Elgon region and meeting districts’ leadership said that the government has decided to create quantity, value addition, quality and faultless service delivery which will turn Ugandans from subsistence economy to the monetary economy.


“We want Ugandans to stop depending on only hand to mouth but also earn cash out of what they do.” He said adding that the government introduced the Emyooga program which was performing well.


Meanwhile, Bayole Stanley, the Resident District commissioner Bulambuli said they have performed very well in the Emyoga and they are ready to welcome the Parish Development Model.


He warned that those who have failed to perform well in Emyoga, will not be included in the Parish Development Model.


“We have 1549 beneficiaries who have received money for Emyoga and out of those, we have 206 Sacco’s,” the RDC said.


Alfred Sekeli, the Bulambuli District Production Officer said they have recruited parish chiefs who are going to help them implement the Parish Development Model and they are undergoing serous training.

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