Emorimor Osuban Cabinet Steps Out of Interim Emolot Leadership

The Disbanded Iteso Cultural Union Cabinet Chaired by Prime Minister Mzee Augustine Omare Okurut has finally accepted to bow to pressure form the Members of Teso to work closely with the newly established interim Iteso Cultural Union government under His Highness Paul Sande Emolot.
While addressing the Media at ICU offices in Soroti City opposite Soroti Hotel, the former Iteso Cultural Union Prime Minister revealed that, after serious consultations with cabinet they have today unanimously resolved to step down (not to step aside) as cabinet of the Iteso Cultural Union.
“The team I lead have given me their individual consent to make this joint decision public. That with effect from immediately, we are no longer part of government of Iteso Cultural Union. As Ekirigi, I have directed all members of my team to prepare their ministerial hand over reports which we shall hand over to the next properly constituted cabinet,” Omare said.
On the decision by Emolot to appoint some members of his cabinet, Omare noted that his three other colleagues have also agreed to stand with the rest of cabinet and have decided not to take up the appointments.
He noted that, “Individually however, we shall, whenever called upon continue to support the initiatives of ICU outside of its structures and as well-wishers. We thank our families for loving and supporting us in hard times during our tour of duty in Cabinet.”
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