State House Anti-Corruption Unit Arrests Entebbe Immigration Officers

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State House Anti- Corruption Unit in liaison with Uganda Police has arrested three immigration officers at Entebbe International Airport.


The trio identified as Caroline Kabugo (shift Supervisor), Martha Mboneko & Julius Musalwa (Immigration officers) were yesterday 3rd March 2022 arrested following a tip off from a whistleblower.


According to the State House Anti- Corruption Unit, the three allegedly abused their office when they caused a refugee to miss her flight purporting that she had forged clearance documents from the Office of the Prime Minister to the contrary.


“The traveler has since incurred extra costs in excess of $1800. Investigations are being carried out,” the State House Anti- corruption Unit statement read in part.




A one Abel Luul posted; “The same thing has happened to my sister I In law which shi has an opm clearance yet the officers in duty said that her document is forged yet it is genuine.”


Muwonge Rachael tweeted;

“I wish they give them to me to handle them, those people denied our clearance whereby we had to pay them 100 dollars each person, we pleaded so that we can pay at least 50 and they refused. We ended up missing our flight and lots of money. But God pays,”


Menya Jasper


“Even Grace (Surname removed by Editor for obvious reasons) the short woman really made me suffered and made me miss my flight then later she asked for $100,”



That place is a haven of thieves n con people. They will always fabricate things to fleece money from travellers. The rot is deep.


Innocent Ndahiriwe

There are several complaints from travellers that go through Entebbe International Airport.

Arinaitwe Boaz

So it takes a refugee, a foreigner to challenge the long practiced corruption at the airport!! How many Ugandans have been sabotaged in the same manner!! Don’t they all incur extra costs??


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