FULL STATEMENT IN: Ex- South African President Zuma Backs Putin in Ukraine Conflict

H.E President Vladamir Putin has been very patient with the Western forces - Zuma

By Our Reporter




Former South Africa President, Jacob Zuma has backed President Vladimir Putin in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, describing him as a man of peace.


Western nations have imposed punitive sanctions on Russia, including the freezing of Mr Putin’s foreign assets over his invasion of Ukraine.


But Mr Zuma said Putin’s decision was “justifiable”, according to a statement released by his foundation yesterday 6th March 2022.




Jacob G. Zuma Foundation Statement on Russia – Ukraine Impasse


As one of the elders in the movement who has devoted his whole life in  liberation of people of South Africa and a committed member of the ANC, H.E Jacob Zuma felt it would remiss of him not to exercise his constitutionally enshrined freedom of expression and share his thoughts on the development in Russia-Ukraine.


Our patron says that the current impasse between Russia and Ukraine must be seen within the context, in the main dynamics, in the balance of forces on a global scale.


This impasse has by default also exposed the hypocrisy of what has become of the conventional wisdom which always favors western forces including their bullying tendencies and their insatiable appetite to dominate others whilst clandestinely furthering their own agenda and interests.


Countries like Russia and China, thanks to their strong political and economic independence, have managed to defend their territories from these Western bullies and must be applauded.


H.E President Vladamir Putin has been very patient with the Western forces, he has been crystal clear about his opposition of the Eastern expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) into Ukraine among other areas and is on record about the military threats posed to Russia by the presence of their forces if allowed to be on his door step.


Surely, in terms of effort to achieving world peace, the sovereignty of Ukraine and all the democratic dictates, cannot mean allowing NATO to establish presence on real estate thus establishing an untenable security risk to Russia. Ukraine and Russia are separated by a line from the map and not by the Baltic Sea. Why is this complicated to understand?


If forces globally known to be hostile to the USA, were known to be establishing presence of any sort in any of the adjacent territories within the USA, the USA would certainly act in a manner that it believes would neutralize such a perceived threat.


In reality, the USA has not only acted to the countries around its borders but it has moved around the whole world to deal with what it has considered as threats to its national security. There are clear examples of such invasions by NATO forces in the Middle East as well as in Africa.


With the above in mind, it looks justifiable that Russia felt provoked. It is however, quite fortunate that H.E Putin unlike other small countries has the capacity (in Russia) to respond to security threats in line with the prescripts that are applicable to the country. His actions whereas justifiable are still a far cry as compared to that other big powers have done when faced with such situations.



Some Western powers who are today playing holier than thou have invaded a number of small countries in the world like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya to mention but a few. These glaring examples of interference have left those countries in ruins.


The Western Countries and their acolytes’ support of Ukraine (under the guise of defending the sovereignty and democracy in Ukraine) is a selfish act to further their own interests at the expense of innocent lives and property in Ukraine.


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