Lt. General Muhoozi Speaks Out on Retirement– AM STILL AROUND

By Markson Omagor



Muhoozi alleged threat to retire issued last year in October

Lt. General Kainerugaba Muhoozi has come out to correct what has come to be the most goofed story in Uganda in recent times about his exit from the military.


Muhoozi who is President Museveni’s son and Commander of the Land Forces of UPDF literally broke the internet when he tweeted at exactly 1:44PM East African Time yesterday, 8th March 2022 that he had retired from the army.


“After 28 years of service in my glorious military, the greatest military in the world, I am happy to announce my retirement. Me and my soldiers have achieved so much! I have only love and respect for all those great men and women that achieve greatness for Uganda everyday.” Read the tweet that sent the media into a frenzy.


However, at 5:03PM, 8th March 2022, Muhoozi cleared the impression after being visited by Andrew Mwenda of the Independent Magazine.


In a short clip that Mwenda later posted on Tweeter, the General is heard answering the question about his retirement saying he will retire after 8 years.


The Conversation between Andrew Mwenda, General Muhoozi and an unidentified journalist who shot the video.


“The Colonel General has come to visit the Lieutenant General and the Colonel General has the most unique salute,” Mwenda kicks off the intro before proceeding to actually mimic a military salute with Muhoozi obviously bemused.


“Dear Afande?” Mwenda salutes a smiling Muhoozi before the unidentified journalist posed the all-important question.


“And retirement is when?”


“The Lieutenant General is retiring in exactly 8 years,” Mwenda who seems to have had prior information answers before Muhoozi confirmed in his own words.


“Exactly, not tomorrow but in 8 years,” said Muhoozi in the video clip most likely a PR stunt to correct the misrepresentation of his tweet.

“So we are done? The General asks before the recording is stopped.


Other analysts say the General was misunderstood. The reasoning is that Muhoozi having joined the army in 1999 has not made 28 years of service. Actually, 28 added to 1999 makes it 2027 meaning he still has 5 years remaining.


But in October last year, Muhoozi is reported to have threatened to retire from the army after failing to receive about 56 Million dollars he had requested to improve the welfare of UPDF soldiers.


“If my soldiers’ problems are not sorted, I will retire from the army next year. I will have served for 28 years,” he was quoted as saying last October.


With Muhoozi claiming he was to make service of 28 years this year, does it mean Muhoozi actually joined Forces in 1994?

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