WOW! Shs500m Spirit Tree Giving General Wamala Headache Revealed

By Our Reporter




A spirit infested tree hindering the ongoing works on the Mpigi- Kampala Expressway has been identified.

General Edward Wamala Katumba

The tree is in the middle of what looks like rocky ground and excavations can be seen having been done around it. It still remains standing despite its surroundings having been excavated.


Yesterday 9th March 2022, while appearing before Parliament to give an update on compensation of the Standard Gauge Railway Project affected persons, Gen. Katumba Wamala revealed how one tree is affecting road construction works.


Katumba who is the Minister of Works revealed that the spirit infested tree is found along the Mpigi-Kampala Expressway and its clan owners are demanding Shs500M as compensation before it can be cut down.


The tree according to General Katumba houses all the spirits of that clan (he did not reveal the name of the clan) and for the spirits to be shifted, there is need for Shs500m.


He was responding to concerns that government may take people’s land in the SGR Project and refuses to pay them.


“We don’t take land without compensation. An example is a tree along Mpigi-Kampala Expressway where one clan says all their spirits are in that one tree. They are asking for Shs500m as compensation and we can’t move. They have been offered Shs150m but they say it can’t appease the spirits,” Wamala told MPs.


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