Current Persistent Flu & Cough Not Related to Covid-19 – Ministry of Health

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Persistent flu and cough among children and recently even adults are not related to COVID-19, the Ministry of Health -MOH has revealed.


The Ministry instead says the flu and cough ia a seasonal type of influenza that is still being studied.



Dr. Daniel Kyabayinze, the Director Public Health and Incident Commander said that samples have been taken off from children and a detailed statement about their findings and how well to be treated will soon be released.



With reports of common antibiotics and other drugs including syrups no longer offering relief to many, the doctor says people are diverting to the use of concoctions that are not tested for safety. He warns that these should be used sparingly not to put themselves at risk of tougher complications.



Meanwhile, a number of schools have written circulars to parents urging them not to panic but ensure that children get appropriate healthcare especially when they develop symptoms such as high fever and breathing difficulties.



Pediatricians attribute these coughs to the fact that children lost their immunity against viruses during the COVID-19 school closures when interactions with fellow children were minimal.  They say with the reopening, this was expected.


Dr. Ombeva Malande, a Pediatric Infectious Diseases expert says with the problem persisting, parents are wrongly resorting to changing medication for the children frequently because temperatures remain high days after initiation of treatment.


He advises that focus should be put on controlling children’s temperatures with simple actions such as a cold press and giving them plenty of fluids because symptoms will not go away for up to five days even as the children are on the right treatment.

However, although these coughs and flues are not related to COVID-19, Kyabayinze says they plan to start vaccinating children against the viral respiratory disease in the second term which starts in May.

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