Azawi’s Soroti Show Ends in Tears

By Nathan Eyagu





The much hyped Azawi show that eventually took place on Saturday 12th March 2022 at Hyde Park ended in ‘tears’ with fans becoming violent.


Our reporter who covered the show says it all started well with different curtain raisers and surprise artistes entertaining hundreds of fans.


However things went bad when at about 02:00am, Azawi entered the stage escorted by a team of muscular bouncers to a standing ovation. However hardly had she performed three songs than the music went mute leaving the crowd making noise.


Azawi’s efforts to calm down the crowd was fruitless as the djs tried their best to fix back the sound, only to see a plastic rwenzori bottle land on stage followed by different beer bottles that the crowd threw as they shouted ” our money.” A few minutes later, the sound system was restored sending the crowd into a frenzy.



“Let’s first dance as we clear the stage for Azawi to get back,” an MC told the crowd that cheered with hypes.


After a period of more than ten minutes, the sound system went off again prompting the crowd to pelt bottles on stage and throwing chairs on others. Fans had to fight for their lives by entering under the tables, chairs and others were forced to let go off their chicken and girlfriends.


Azawi and Josh Kingdom entertainment team were rescued by the bouncers and security officials who escorted them out of the venue with the crowds struggling to flee the venue.

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