Karamoja Affairs Minister Urges Bagisu to Find Lasting Solution to Umukuka Impasse

By Weswa Ronnie




The Minister for Karamoja Affairs has urged Bamasaba and their leaders to come up with a lasting solution to the current Umukuka impasse.


Mary Gorret Kitutu made the remarks on Saturday, 12th March 2022 while speaking to women under Bakhana Bamasaba Association [Bamasaba girls association] during the belated celebration Of Women’s Day at Masaba cultural institution head offices located at Malukhu Ward, Industrial City Division in Mbale city.


It’s now coming to three years with both Jude Mike Mudoma and John Amuram Wagabyalile still claiming to be rightfully elected cultural leader of Masaba cultural institution which has forced government to halt gazetting any of them.


Government through the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development declared that Masaba Cultural Institution has no legally elected cultural leader.



According to Kitutu, government cannot come and decide for Bamasaba about whom to gazette as Umukuka except themselves.


She added that Bamasaba are losing lots of things from government because of this current confusion of not having recognized cultural leader saying that leaders from Bugisu and Bamasaba should sit down and decide on one person out of the two for gazettement.


Meanwhile, Geoffrey Wepondi, the Prime Minister of Masaba cultural institution said that the Bamasaba have already elected Amuram Wagabyalile as their cultural leader although government has not yet gazzeted him.


He attributed the delay of gazzetting Wahabyalile to the current confusion allegedly brought in by Mike Mudoma after purporting to be the rightfully elected Umukuka.




He however welcomed the Minister’s idea of Bamasaba and their leaders sitting on round table to iron out their differences and agree on one name to send to government for gazetement since they are losing a lot.


On the other hand, Nelson Wedayila from the camp of Jude Mike Mudoma said that its true as the minister stated, the Cultural Institution has no legitimate leader.



He however castigated the Wagabyalile camp for what he called defying government stand by declaring their master, John Amuram Wagabyalile as the true elected cultural leader.

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