Mbale City Garage Goes Into Flames Leaving Artisans Counting Losses

By Weswa Ronnie




Artisans operating at Mbale city garage are counting losses after all their properties worth millions of shillings were completely burnt into ash by a mysterious fire this morning, 14th March 2022.


According to Moses Wadamba, one of the victims, properties which were burnt by fire were ten motorcycles and vehicle spare parts shops, lockups, scrap shops, vehicles, salons, food vending kiosks among others.


He told this website that the fire first started at 4.am at night but neighbors alerted police which came and put it off before spreading to other places.


Samuel Wafula, another affected person, adds that his shop is where he has been getting school fees for his children and feeding the family.


He asked government and political leaders to support the affected artisans with money and other support like iron sheets, cement, bricks among others since all their capital has gone into ashes.


Rogers Taitika, the Elgon region police spokesperson has confirmed the incident saying over 300 artisans have been affected revealing that the fire started from a charcoal stove which was left burning last night.


He also says that they were alerted in time and put off fire and also urged people operating from congested places like the garage, market among others to always make sure that they have put off their charcoal stoves before leaving the place.

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