PEOPLE POWER! Tororo Residents Force Contractor To Re-Do Bridge

By David Imaa




Residents of Morkatipe Sub County, Tororo Municipality have forced the contractor building Morkatipe-Angorom bridge to redo works on the bridge.


The Contractor came under attack last week with residents storming the said bridge and threatening to arrest the contractor on sight.


The residents then appealed to their area Member of Parliament and the Resident District Commissioner to intervene and have the Contractor redo works on the bridge.


Residents claim the work done was substandard with the contractor using weak cement. They claim the contractor is using Tororo Cement 1V instead of the recommended Tororo Cement 1.


In response, the RDC Tororo, Nixon Owole has ordered the Contractor for fresh construction on the Morkatipe- Angorom bridge and asked the contractor to avail himself ready to start the whole bridge project again using the right mixtures and the right cement and sand.


Earlier, the Local Council Three Chairperson, Morkatipe, Gerald Omaset demanded for the bill of quantities of the work taking place but the contractor instead decided to shift to another bridge in Apokor town Council claiming the chairperson chased him.



Residents are worried that they may lose the bridge again since the onset of rains is expected soon.

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