LC III Boss Loses Gov’t Motorcycle To Businessman Over Shs135,000 Debt

By Our Reporter





A local businessman in Pader district has confiscated a government motorcycle from the Ogom Sub county LC III Chairperson, Bosco Amone over a debt.


David Okot confiscated a Yamaha motorcycle registration number LG 0046-098 on Tuesday claiming that Amone owes him Shillings 135,000 after picking merchandise from his shop on credit. Okot has since locked the motorcycle inside his house, saying that he will only release it after receiving full payment from the LC III Chairperson.



According to Okot, he has persistently implored the LCIII Chairperson to clear his bill since he is also servicing a loan in vain. He says that the chairperson resorted to threats instead of clearing the bill.




Joel Bodmas Aboda, the Chairperson of the Business Community in Ogom Sub County says after attempting to recover the motorcycle in vain, Amone went on to cause the arrest of Okot who is currently locked up at Pader Central Police Station.



He, however, accuses Amone of being adamant to clear his debts, saying that he has registered numerous complaints from local business operators including restaurant owners, mechanics, fuel dealers and shop keepers against the sub-County Chairperson.


According to Aboda, this is not the first time that a debt dispute is arising involving Amone and local business operators in Ogom Sub County.  Aboda says that last year, a section of business operators impounded the same motorcycle after Amone failed to clear outstanding bills.


Amone declined to comment on the accusations leveled against him for failure to clear his debts.  He instead accused the businessman of stealing his motorcycle, which prompted him to file a case of theft of his motorcycle at Pader Central Police Station.


Pader Chief Administrative Officer, Alex Chelimo has condemned the incident, saying public officers should desist from misusing government assets as security for their personal loans.


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