Mbale City Drivers Protest over New Parking Arrangements

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Mbale City Taxi drivers at Kumi Road Tax Park yesterday morning, 15th March 2022 went on a sit-down strike protesting unfair parking arrangements.


Some of the drivers this website spoke to accuse Mbale City leaders for pushing them into the Kumi Road Taxi Park leaving their colleagues operating on the roadsides.


They also claim that their Taxi Drivers leaders park on the roadsides taking all passengers leaving them yearning without working.


“We blame the Resident City Commissioner Ahamada Washaki for pushing the Sironko, Muyembe and Kapchorwa drivers into the Taxi Park and leaving those who take the Soroti, Lira route on the roadsides,” Nabende Ali, the Sironko-Muyembe route driver said.


Kasimu Omwayi, the Chairman Mbale, Kapchorwa stage says they will not allow anyone to park on the roadside because they are not getting customers but instead sitting and wasting their time in the park. He also adds that since they entered the Kumi road park, their customers fear going into the Park thinking that it’s a risky place of thieves.


Meanwhile, the Soroti, Lira route drivers defended their continued use of the roadside saying they were permitted by the RCC.


“We were given authority by the RCC to be parking on the roadsides as the city looks for the solution and the place where we will be parking our taxis,” Swalik Abdul Aziz, one of the drivers said.


He also adds that their park was sold by unknown people and currently tipper drivers are the ones controlling the place.

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