By Solomon Hamala




The deputy RDC Iganga, Hajira Namagogo has intervened in the ongoing dispute over UMEME line alternation along Revenue Lane in Iganga Municipality.


Namagogo was yesterday 16th March 2022 prompted to intervene after a businessman, Abby Saadi challenged Iganga UMEME offices not to alter the 3kv lines from Jinja Main power Station in favor of a storied commercial building which is under construction.


The 3kv line is above 10 houses including the site under dispute. Saad whose house is located opposite Revenue Lane accuses the site owners; Magezi Richard and Mulongo Babirye of conniving with UMEME authority to relocate the 3KV line near their commercial premises from its original design.


The meeting was attended by UMEME officials from Iganga offices, Town Clerk, and Physical planner among others.


The Deputy Town Clerk, Kasala Daniel said the 3kv line wires will be relocated to Iganga Municipal Council Road reserve and will not in any way affect the other opposite houses as Mr. Abby alleges.

The UMEME engineers in the meeting said altering UMEME lines is legal because it has been done elsewhere. In the new arrangement, the wires are going to be connected in a vertical way.


The site engineer, Eira Muzei said they went through all the right steps to have the 3KV wire line relocated from above their houses into the road reserve to pave way for construction of their storied building.


If completed, the commercial premise will give a new decent look and attract new businesses along Revenue Lane thus causing development.


Abby Saad said he is not after fighting development but to have things done in the right way and which will not affect others.

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