Over 300 Vehicle Number Plates Confiscated in Mbale City


By Weswa Ronnie



Mbale Traffic police today plucked off over 200 number plates of vehicles in Mbale city during the operation.

The operation was in areas like Mbale Taxi Park, cathedral avenue road near Mbale central market, Kumi road, Palisa among others.

According to Rogers Taitika the Elgon region police spokesperson, the operation was targeting drivers who have been absconding from paying money at the bank after being given penalty documents on roads after disobeying traffic rules like overloading, their vehicles being in poor mechanical conditions, not having driving permits among others.

Taitika adds that they were also targeting drivers who have tinted their number plates and parking in unauthorized areas.

He also says that the police gave two months to these divers to organize themselves but none has responded which forced them to wage a crackdown.

The PRO adds that they will return the number plates to the owners after paying the money in the bank and showing receipts  but stressed that they are going to  continue with the operation even outside the city  urging drivers to always obey traffic rules not to be victims of police operations.

Yusufu Mulanda, one of the affected taxi drivers, expressed his bitterness with police saying that they would have alerted them before the operation.

He adds that it’s true he was  given penalty documents  by traffic officers last month on the road but he was not explained  the traffic rule he abused.

Mumayi Masaba, also a driver, accused police of being selective while  penalizing by giving penalty documents  to only drivers who don’t give them a bribe on the road.




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