How Lucky Ugandan Girl Survived Illegal Body Organ Extraction in Saudi Arabia

By Our Reporter




One Ugandan girl who was being taken to a Saudi Arabia hospital for an illegal body organ extraction has survived by a whisker.


Immaculate Kibekyenga aged 26 was trafficked to Saudi Arabia in Sept 2021 by Intercontinental Opportunities Labour Recruitment Company.


According to the State House Anti- Corruption Unit, Kibekyenga was being taken to a Saudi Hospital for alleged medical treatment when someone aware of the real intent alerted her.


“A person aware of the plan to harvest Kibekyenga’s body organs alerted her as she was being taken to the hospital. She then called her sister in Uganda who raised the matter to @AntiGraft_SH.” Read the Anti- Corruption tweet today 18th March 2022.


Illegal body organ extraction has become a very lucrative trade with victims usually unaware.


Details of how the State House Anti-Corruption Unit in collaboration with Uganda Police foiled the illegal extraction are still scanty.


Kibekyenga however gave an interview today where she narrated her ordeal and narrow escape.

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